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Founder Raja Naren

Naren - Founder

There is this dialogue in James Cameron's Avatar - "The Na’ vi say that every person is born twice. The second time is when you EARN your place among the people, forever" I too, like most of the youngsters, wanted a different kind of life. After finishing off my Engineering here, I Went to the US to get that ‘awesome’ life which I myself was not clear about. The definition of success that was induced into me was getting a lucrative JOB and 'Settle in life'. I was all set to 'Settle' in life. Little did I know that I would soon be meeting a TEAM that would Unsettle me forever. I was made to attend a conference in Richmond, VA in 2001. It was a two day seminar in a huge indoor coliseum. There were thousands of people from all walks of life. I met my TEAM for the first time. For the first time ever I saw people who EARNED their place on this planet, live. I learnt many invaluable lessons. There is no success in life without significance. Money should be a by product, not the target. This era belongs to Entrepreneurs. I saw legends who started from scratch and built worldwide businesses and are helping aspiring youngsters like me to do the same. Their message was very clear. Anyone who is willing to learn and willing to work can succeed, provided they are in the right vessel. Job is a vehicle, not the destination. If your Vehicle is not taking you to your Dream, get into the one that will take you. Work is inevitable. Either it is for my Dream or some one else’s? I chose to work for my Dream.

Co-Founder Dayanand

Daya - CoFounder

Being from an agricultural family with almost rural background to a global software professional for more than 12 years with TCS, Infosys and then to a Successful Entrepreneur who started living on OWN terms & conditions at an age of 32, the journey is awesome than the destination. I'm very thankful to all the wonderful people around me who have made this journey a roller coaster ride. Not that I hated my job, but felt life has become too monotonous and seriously thought that there's more to life than just working 9-5 (in fact its much more:)). The real definition of success in life as read from a book -" How many people are better of because of us, determines how successful we are". If we take our country, there are lot of people, lot of challenges, lot of potential, lot of people still struggling to have a healthy meal, lack of basic health care, quality education, unemployment, corruption. When ever we get emotional about the situation of the country, we conveniently rather comfortably point our fingers on other people, politics/politicians and totally ignore/forget about the SELF responsibility that each one of us have, root cause being we feel we can't change the country overnight and we can't do it alone.The Business Organization/Team we have built for the few years is an association of people who think sincerely about the SELF responsibility. Here, we work on improving Health, Creating Wealth, Education, Spirituality, Environment, Compassion, Empowering. On a whole its about GIVING to people around us ranging from the smallest way that we could to the biggest way as a TEAM we can. If you feel the SELF responsibility, you are Welcome and contact us for further steps, if not thanks for referring us to those who ARE.......

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